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Pros of Pharmacy

1. You create solid relationships with the patients you dispense medication to. You get to have small conversations with your patients and get to know them very well over the course of time while you work as a pharmacist.

2. There are many different pharmacies to work at. Pharmacies range from retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and self-owned pharmacies each with its own work flow and procedures. If one type of pharmacy doesnt suit you, there are many other varieties out there to find the one that suits you the most.

3. You will have good work stability as a pharmacist. Pharmacists will always be needed by people because illness is something that is unavoidable by everyone. When there are sick people, there are pharmacists to dispense the medication to help people recover from their current afflictions.

4. You are a key member of the healthcare team. Pharmacists aren't just the people who give you the medication to recover, they also teach the patients throught consultation on how to properly use their medication. Pharmacists are the people who make sure people know how to safely use medication for themselves and even their children or the elderly.

5. Technology has improved the general work flow for pharmacies. Pharmacist's are equipped with helpful programs and devices that ensure the accuracy and safety od all their patients. Machines help verify drugs by matching their NDC numbers by matching the NDC of the drug pulled to that of the drug that is being prescribed. Not many errors can occur thanks to the help of technology and it helps speed up the work process since the technicians don't have to worry about pulling the wrong medication for the patient.

6. Feel the same accomplishment as any other healthcare professional for less stress. Pharmacists have the same sense of respect that all the other healthcare professionals have, but they have much less stress in their work. Pharmacists just like any other healthcare professional has the trust of all their patients to help them become healthy in their time of need, but the general level of stress in a pharmacy is much lower than that of a doctor or a surgeon.

Cons of Pharmacy

1. The tasks pharmacists fulfill on a daily basis can become repetitive over a course of time. Being a pharmacist can become lackluster very fast since work is always going to be the same routine every single day of work. Nothing different really happens as a pharmacist because for the most part nothing out of the ordinary happens on a normal work day.

2. The holiday season is the worst as a pharmacist due to the abundance of people who pick up their prescriptions right before the holidays. People will often hold back on their prescriptions and pick them up a day or two before a holiday comes up so that they don't have to worry about their medication while on their breaks. This causes a tremendous wave of prescriptions to be filled in the pharmacy prior to the holidays, causing immense stress to the pharmacy team.

3. As a pharmacist you will encounter some customers who are not very polite or respectful. Part of the cons of being a pharmacist is the customer service, but specifically the customer service to rude customers. Some customers may be very rude by holding up lines while they are on the phone while trying to drop off or pick up their prescriptions. These kinds of customers are the type of people who think that the world revolves around them, causing the other people in line and even the pharmacy team to wait on them before being able to help other guests. Some other people may be very rude while on the phone, the pharmacy team has to do multiple things at once and even while on the phone they are always fulfilling other tasks for other patients. Many of these rude customers often ignore the fact that the pharmacy deals with hundreds of people a day, not just themselves.

4. Your legs will be sore after standing up for hours on hours while working. In pharmacies there are no chairs for you to rest in meaning that you must always be standing throughout the work day. Wearing comfortable shoes makes a huge difference in the soreness you will feel after the work day so take that into consideration if you want to work in a pharmacy.