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Computers in Pharmacy

You may be thinking "what do computers have to do with pharmacy?" Well in a pharmacy there are actually a lot of tasks that need to be fulfilled by knowing how certain computer programs work. Although it is not as complex as actual programming, the pharmacy team needs to be able to understand how to use the computer. The tasks that need to be fulfilled can range from typing out prescription labels, ordering medication, verifying DEA numbers of prescribers and much more. The technology in the pharmacy plays a very important role in the effieciency and safety of the patients because many of these devices are programmed to make sure that human errors do not occur in the pharmacy. The system knows when a drug has been properly scanned in in order to be filled out by the team and it will warn the pharmacist when the wrong drug has been used in occasions where you have used the wrong medication. The programs used for prescriptions also help the pharmacist double check if it is the right drug that is being dispense. The pharmacist version of the program will have a picture of the medication, the original prescription and the patient information all on the program in order to help the pharmacist properly dispense medication to their patients. Overall, computers do play a huge role in a pharmacy, both by increasing the ease of the job and by ensuring the safety of the hundreds of patients a day.