Negative Aspects

Why Social Media Can be Bad

1. Social media can become addicting to some people. Some people may just want to soak up all the attention of the world and forget about necessities like their job or school. Some people may lose their focus in their life's goals for the people who are consumed my social media. Some people blame it for the lack of productivity and the lower grades of students who spend too much time on it.

2. Social media is the leading cause for the lack of face to face interaction with others. People may prefer to talk over the internet than meeting people in person because it may just be easier to do so. Some might even think it is more awkward to talk face to face so they prefer to talk over social media. Research states that 32% of people who are in family parties prefered to be on social media sites than spend time with their families.

3. Social media can lead to a lot of misinformation. Many people like to gossip or spread rumors about very negative aspects of certain things on the internet. Many people who come across these kinds of rumor websites or blogs tend to believe it simply because it is on the internet. This can even be linked into the news because research shows that 27% of the news comes from stories that were made up in social media websites.