Impacts of Social Media

Positive Aspects Negative Aspects

With technology advancing all around us and the increasing avaialability of communication through our devices here can only be one result from this. This result is the overwhelming amount of social media that has impacted our daily lives. Look around you, even grandmas are on their phones now posting pictures of their grandchildren or inviting you to play candy crush on Facebook. You can even see people who reference vines or other things that they have seen online. Sometimes you never know where your friend learned that funny line until you've gone online and see that they were referencing that popular vine. Even the little two year olds walk around with their Ipads and watch movies on netflix as their parents walk them in their strollers. When such technology is around us it can be seen in two aspects, the positive and the negative.

Examples of Social Media

Note:None of these should work under the school internet because they are blocked.